Laughing Frog Photography

My name is David Price and I'm a Kiwi by birth. I've spent most of my career in Southeast Asia. I worked for 25 years for a development NGO doing language development, literacy and sustainable development in remote villages. I lived for 10 years in Humboldt County, Northern California, and I am currently living on the outskirts of the beautiful alpine village of St Arnaud, New Zealand.

My academic background is in zoology, ecology and Conservation Biology. My interests pretty much all revolve around the natural sciences and include environmentally sustainable development, Conservation Biology, Ecological Restoration, Ecology, native floras, and amphibian systematics, ecology and bioacoustics. My hobbies, other than photography, include scuba diving, traveling, natural history, birdwatching, and reading natural sciences.

Why the name "Laughing Frog?" Frogs are an incredibly diverse group of animals and yet are perhaps more threatened with environmental degradation and other human-related pressures than most other animals. When their environment is healthy, we could say the frogs are happy. And that's the level of health I strive for in my work with sustainability and development. (Frogs are also my favorite creatures!)

I like to create images with original perspectives, and images which I hope will evoke the same emotional and spiritual response that I have when seeing it in real life. Look and see if I've been in any way successful or not.

I make my images available free to some non-profit NGOs (I have my own list), when they are to be used for not-for-profit purposes, and when photographer credit is given. Unless otherwise stated in writing, I retain all copyright privileges associated with the images posted on this site.

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